About Us

TSP Withdrawal Consultants is for federal employees who are looking for highly qualified, local professionals to assist them with their
In-Service TSP withdrawal and rollover questions. These professionals can also help maximize post-retirement income by fully exploring the federal employee's TSP withdrawal options after they leave federal service. 


We Believe

in providing federal and postal employees accurate information about their TSP lifetime annuity and helping them use the TSP Calculator to compare their potential TSP income to alternatives that could provide them with more income in retirement. We know that when people are given good information along with more choices they tend to make positive decisions.



Our initial consultation is completely free of charge! The TSP-Withdrawal.com team is a national group of TSP experts whose goal is to help federal employees maximize their post-retirement income and financial security. We can even help provide you with the proper forms and assistance required to make a TSP withdrawal.



We can help Federal and Postal employees on what may very well be the largest component of their federal retirement benefits – the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). We can connect you with a local professional to provide information such as accessing your TSP after you leave federal service, and/or answering age-based tsp withdrawal questions.


Its simple. We have focused our energy and careers on helping federal employees maximize their retirement income. We want the best for you and your loved ones, and we want to help you achieve the best, most comfortable retirement possible. More options for you and your loved ones means more returns with less risk, so let us help secure your financial future!

TSP-withdrawal.com is not affiliated with the Thrift Savings Plan, OPM or any governmental program or agency.
The independent licensed professionals affiliated with TSP-Withdrawal are also not affiliated with the TSP. Licensed professionals subject to the State regulations in their respective State.