TSP Partial Withdrawal – Step by Step Guide

You can make a full or tsp partial withdrawal after you leave federal service. As of the writing of this article, the Thrift Savings Plan rules allow you to make a single one-time-only partial withdrawal, leaving the rest in the account until later.

The conditions under which you can do this are very simple:

– This should be your first and only partial withdrawal, including an age-based in-service withdrawal

– You need to withdraw at least $1,000.

 Requesting a TSP Partial Withdrawal With Form TSP 77

Form TSP-77 (Request for Partial Withdrawal When Separated) is the form you need to fill up and submit. The most important information you have to provide is on page one.

  1. Section I deals with your name and address, and your TSP account details.
  2. Section II deals with the amount of the tsp partial withdrawal.

Section III is a checkbox which you must tick if you want to transfer all or part of the withdrawal to an IRA or qualified employer plan.

  1. Section IV is where you fill in the direct deposit information if you want part of the withdrawal amount in cash deposited into your savings or checking account.
  2. Section V is for additional tax withholding, in case you need to provide the IRS with more than the mandatory 20% Federal tax withholding.
  3. Section VI is for certification and notarization. The notary section is needed to ensure that your signature on this page is notarized.

If you are married, you must also complete and submit Page 2.

For married FERS and uniformed services participants, the spouse is also required to sign the form. Spouse’s signature must also be notarized.

Page 3 is for traditional (non-Roth) transfers, and

Page 4 is for Roth transfers.

After completing form TSP 77, keep a copy for your records and mail the originals to the TSP. You can send it by post to this address – Thrift Savings Plan P.O. Box 385021 Birmingham, AL 35238, or fax it to this number – 1-866-817-5023.